Big D and the Kids Table – Good Luck (For fans of Less Than Jake, Bomb the Music Industry, Mustard Plug)

I’ll be honest, these days I don’t really listen to as much ska as I used to with a few exceptions. Perhaps it’s the lack of newer ska bands that don’t completely suck, or perhaps it’s because all my favorite ska bands rarely tour (*cough* Mustard Plug *cough*) or just release albums I don’t dig anymore (River City Rebels). However, there are a few gems in my ska collection that I will always cherish, and Big D and The Kid’s Table’s “Good Luck” is one of those albums.

Big D used to be hands down my favorite ska band. Sure, they’ve mellowed out a bit with their newer albums, but Good Luck is straight up catchy ska punk. Released back in 2000 (really? 11 years ago? ugh…), Good Luck was Big D’s first full length album, having only a split before hand.

The songs on Good Luck have a very upbeat feel to them, and while a few songs tackle more serious matters, the majority are light-hearted (such as “Dirtlip”, an ode about shaving your upper lip).

Easily one of Big D’s best albums, I recommend checking it if you ever once loved ska. You may fall in love again.

Big D and The Kid’s Table – GLD

Less Than Jake – Pezcore
Bomb The Music Industry – Adults!!! Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing
Against All Authority – 24 Hours Roadside Resistance

Big D and the Kids Table

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