Lighten Up, Spraynard Live In Philly (4/3/11)

Yesterday, I headed out to Philly’s Fire to catch sweet hardcore act Lighten Up. It was an all day fest (Evil Weevil Fest), but there were really only 2 bands that I wanted to see… Lighten Up at 3:30, and then Holy Mess at 9:30.

Lighten Up

If you’re a regular reader of Housewives, you know that this local band is one of my favorite hardcore bands around. Taking their influences from hometown bands such as Kid Dynamite and Paint it Black, they play fast melodic hardcore that usually leaves people in the crowd asking “what the fuck just happened?”

Their sets are always short, usually ending around the 15 minute mark, and they played fucking tight yesterday. While it seemed like the majority of the crowd didn’t know who they were, that didn’t stop their stage presence at all. Blasting through their entire new “This Is Where Fun Goes To Die” EP, and some off “Absolutely Not”, they even threw in a cover of Millencolin’s “Bully On”… nice. No one was moving around, and for some reason, I didn’t start anything either. Next Lighten Up show, regardless of the situation, I’m stage diving…

Setlist (From what I remember and not in order)
-Absolutely Not
-Born To Perspire
-Boyz II Wolves
-Get The Poison Out
-Lost In Space
-Summer Fiction
-Bully On (Millencolin Cover)
-Same Shirt, Different Day


These West Chester dudes seemed to have a decent amount of fans there, with plenty of people shouting along to every gruffy lyric. Playing music in the veins of Hot Water Music, they sort of had that scruffy bearded dude wearing plaid sound to them that seems to be all the rage in punk these days.

They were catchy enough, had enough grit to keep me interested, and played an enjoyable set.

I left afterwards because I’m not really into the majority of bands that were playing the fest, and I didn’t want to wait 6 hours for The Holy Mess.

Lighten Up! – Invisible Checks

Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Paint It Black – Amnesia
The Steal – Bright Grey
The Steal – Self Titled

Jump Start

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