Government Warning – No Moderation (For fans of Minor Threat, MDC, Clit 45)

Give Government Warning’s “No Moderation” one listen, and you’d swear that the Richmond, VA released this gem during the height of the 80s ‘Reagan era’ of hardcore punk, not 2006. Their first official LP, “No Moderation” is one fuck of a ride.

Just like true 80s hardcore releases, you’re not going to find any bullshit: no polished sound, no overly complex riffs, just good ole’ fashioned pissed off punk rock. The album kicks off straight into title track “No Moderation” and is relentless through all 17 minutes of it’s 10 tracks.

This is what punk rock is all about, and is the perfect soundtrack to skating. Fuck yeah.

Government Warning – Cutting Room Floor

Government Warning Live In Philly
Millions Of Dead Cops
Steve Versus The Volcano

Grave Mistake Records

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