Cobra Lung, The Credentials, Spraynard (Live In Philly 4/29/11)

Holy crap things have been crazy on my end here, hence the delay of posting. Anyways, on Friday night, I headed out to South Philly to catch Cobra Lung play a basement show, fuck yeah dude.


First up was a three piece, female fronted indie influenced punk band from West Chester called Nona. They played a really quick, yet enjoyable set. I can see people who dig Screaming Females liking these guys. You can check out their demo over here.


I didn’t know Spraynard was playing the show, as they weren’t on the flyer, but their quick set was a nice little surprise. More West Chester punk, these guys have been getting exploding in the local Philly scene here. Playing punk rock similar to The Menzingers, they’ve been a bit of a grower for me, and this was my favorite show I’ve seen of them.

Lee Corey Oswald:

These dudes put on an acoustic set without a drummer, and when I checked out their recorded non-acoustic stuff, I dug it, but I really wasn’t feeling the acoustic thing at all. They also played way too long as well.

Cobra Lung:

The reason I came out to begin with. Cobra Lung played their blistering no frills hardcore, and shit got real fun in the crowded basement. Check out their set on the top of this page.

Straight Edge With Our Own Rules
John F Ryan Kennedy
Throwback Soda
Pissant Sign
Machine Gun
Straight Edge Revenge (Project X Cover)

The Credentials

I’ve never heard these dudes before hand, but these Boston guys played a really damn catchy pop-punk set. I definitely need to check out their stuff, and if you dig bands like The Copyrights, I recommend you do the same.

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