Lighten Up – I’d Rather Be Snoring (For fans of Paint it Black, The Steal, Gorilla Biscuits)

Over the past 2 years, Philly’s own Lighten Up have become one of my favorite hardcore bands around. With their release of “Absolutely Not”, I was blown away by their melodic hardcore. Recently I checked out their earlier “I’d Rather Be Snoring” EP, and while a bit different, it’s still solid.

Released back in 2007 “I’d Rather Be Snoring” is a 5 song blast that ends almost soon as it starts. While their newer stuff is more melodic, pulling a lot of influences from Kid Dynamite, the early EP is much more straight forward hardcore. You can definitely hear the “CVA” era of Paint it Black.

Short and to the point, if you can get your hands on a copy, I highly recommend it. If you’ve never heard Lighten Up before, do yourself a favor and check out their newer shit as well.

Lighten Up – Skateboarding On Thin Ice

Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Paint It Black – Amnesia
The Steal – Bright Grey
The Steal – Self Titled

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