Cobra Lung / Piss Boys Split (For fans of Negative Approach, Coke Bust, Paint It Black))

If my mp3 player was able to keep track of play counts, it would tell you the amount of times I’ve listened to the Cobra Lung / Piss boys split has to be nearing triple digits. It’s just so damn good and also a quick listen so I can always squeeze it in (that’s what she said).

For those who don’t know, Philly/NJ’s Cobra Lung plays hardcore in the veins of Negative Approach, and they bring 5 of their hard hitting songs to Side A of the split. Their music is heavy, their lyrics are usually pretty humorous with their tongue in cheek straight edge lyrics. If you want an idea of what the band is all about, I think a motto on a shirt they sell says it best: “Straight Edge With Our Own Rules – Abstaining From Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking, Sex at your convenience”.

Admittingly, I listen to the Cobra Lung side a lot more than the Piss Boys (I’m a bad dude), but the Piss Boys are damn solid as well. Playing aggressive hardcore, musically they remind me a bit of Coke Bust.

If you can get your hands on a copy, definitely check the split out. I don’t know if the band is still selling it or not, but if so you can grab a copy for like a few bucks.

Cobra Lung – XVX

Lighten Up – I’d Rather Be Snoring
Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Cobra Lung Live

Cobra Lung

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