Crucial Dudes – 61 Penn (For fans of Saves The Day, Wonder Years, Latterman)

I have to admit, besides having an awesome name, I was still a little skeptical when I first received Crucial Dude’s debut album 61 Penn. Pop-punk is a tricky genre to do right, and I am a stubborn listener. Rest assured though, these Crucial Dudes deliver.

Playing 10 songs in approximately 20 minutes, 61 Penn is an energetic pop-punk ride that pulls from all the right influences. The music (especially title track) reminded me of Saves The Day “Through Being Cool” era, and they didn’t have any of those emo breakdowns that make me hate 99% of the genre. Often compared to The Wonder Years, Crucial Dudes have much more punk rock grit, which makes it more accessible to us jaded punks.

When listening, I kept saying to myself “these guys have to be from Jersey”, and sure enough, New Jersey is referenced in their songs. You know these guys nailed it when they make me nostalgic… even though the album just came out.

Crucial Dudes – 61 Penn

Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down
Saves The Day – Through Being Cool
The Ataris – Look Forward To Failure

Jump Start

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