Kids Like Us, The Greenery (Live in NJ 6/11/11)

After a two hour ride to visit the grandparents (up the good grandson punx), I then headed two hours south to Vineland NJ to catch Florida hardcore band Kids Like Us. The show was at the Hangar 84, which was a huge warehouse that can hold a few hundred (maybe a thousand) kids, but there were approximately 50 people there for the show.

I skipped all the local metal-core acts (I really, really hate metal-core) and wound up walking around the town for a bit (there was some car show, and while I don’t care about cars, it was beautiful outside).

The Greenery:

I caught most of The Greenery’s set, and holy shit did they tear it up. It seemed like nobody really knew who they were (including my self) but that didn’t stop the vocalists explosive stage presence, or should I say floor presence as he completely abandoned the stage to play directly in the crowd.

The Long Beach California played hardcore that reminded me of the Hope Conspiracy (always a good thing). Definitely need to check out their recorded stuff.

I skipped the majority of the Mongloids set since I don’t really dig them, but caught the reason I came out, Kids Like Us.

Kids Like Us:

I was pretty stoked by this point, and the band immediately opened with “You Know Your Life Sucks”. After that, I was sort of blue balled by the rest of the set. The band played a solid show, but to nobody’s fault but my own, I didn’t realize the band had anything else out besides “The 80s are Dead”, and since that is their oldest, they only played one more song off of it “Skate and Annoy”.

I didn’t know anything else that they played, but it seemed like most people knew their newer stuff, while I was that guy in the crowd who went nuts for their old songs. My bad.

Kids Like Us – You Know Your Life Sucks

Kids Like Us – The 80s Are Dead
Go Rydell – Golden Age


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