Handguns – Don’t Bite Your Tongue (For fans of Saves The Day, Hold Tight, Blink 182)

I was a little bit skeptical when first listening to “Don’t Bite Your Tongue”, the latest release from Pennsylvania’s Handguns. I usually despise pop-punk, especially when the guy’s voice can come off as whiny (usually that’s instant “shut this shit off” for me), but god damn, I’m fucking hooked like a junkie at a heroin convention.

Only 7 songs long, the album reminds me a bit of a 90s pop-punk orgy that included Saves The Day and the guiltier pleasures of Blink-182. Sure the songs are poppy (like…really damn poppy), but they keep the punk spirit in it with their faster driving rhythms.

I’ll let you guess what the subject matter is about (*cough* girls *cough*). While the lyrics are often a bit cheesy “I love you, I hate you, or I wish that you were mine/I love you, I hate you, or I wish that you would die”, I’ll be damned if they aren’t unapologetic. And that’s exactly what “Don’t Bite Your Tongue” is, unapologetic good fun perfect for the summer (I was listening to it on the way back home from the beach yesterday, after a little Saves The Day Can’t Slow Down).

Handguns -A Year In Review

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