Bouncing Souls w/ Strike Anywhere 2nd night (Ive in philly 7/14/11)

I’m going to keep this recap really short due to the fact I can barely type (more on that later) but on thursday, I headed to the 1st unitarian church to catch the Bouncing Souls 2nd night of “For all the unheard”, where they played “Self Titled” and Hopeless Romantic in it’s entirety.

Strike Anywhere:

I was surprised how empty the place was fir these Richmond hardcore legends. Besides a few dedicated up front, no one seemed to know them. No matter, more room for me to dance and pile-on to. Ripping into their “Chorus of One”, only a few of us knew it, but the sing-alongs were strong. The band seemed to feed off our energy, and Thomas was all smiles as us dedicated few stage dove and danced.

Set From What I Remember and not in order:
chorus of one
hollywood cemetery
we amplify
summer punks
to the world
hand of glory
i’m your opposite number
sunset on 32nd

Bouncing Souls:

The Bouncing Fucking Souls, those fucking NJ moochers. I was really stoke for this show as the Self Titled was the album that got me into the Souls back in 1999 when I was just a high school freshman. I appropriately lost my shit, especially during Say Anything and Whatever I Want.

They didn’t play I Like Your Eyes for some reason, but played all off of Hopeless Romantic (Finally hearing Monday Morning Ant Brigade? Fuck Yes). The crowd was more amped for Hopeless Romantic, (I was stoked for both).

Sorry for not elaborating more, but I broke my arm on the 3rd night and it’s really effing tough to type.

Bouncing Souls – Low Life
Strike Anywhere – You’re Fired

The Bouncing Souls “Worst” Album
Strike Anywhere – Change Is Sound

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