Bomb the Music Industry – Vacation (For fans of Big D And The Kid’s Table, Weezer, ASOB)

Bomb the Music Industry is constantly evolving. After the demise of my beloved Arrogant Sons of Bitches, I remember hearing about lead singer’s Jeff’s solo project, Bomb The Music Industry. I listened to his laptop recorded, drum machine, heavy punk rock songs of Album Minus Band and was instantly hooked. Seven albums and six years later, I’m still hooked, as proven by their latest release “Vacation”.

From the ambient opener of Campaign For A Better Next Weekend, it becomes apparent that Vacation is a bit of a departure from the blasting ska-punk BTMI is known for. Think less “Showerbeers” and more well rounded, slightly slowed down punk rock. And the strange part? They make it fucking work. The songs are incredibly catchy, from the laid back “Can’t Complain” to the almost Weezer sounding “Sick, Later”, Vacation works great as a whole album.

Now, I will say that I don’t think Vacation surpasses Scrambles or Adults, but it’s still a damn solid album worth your attention, just know that it’s nothing like their past music.

Bomb The Music Industry – Sick, Later

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