Government Warning LAST SHOW , Cloak/Dagger (Live in Richmond 10/15/11)

Why do all of the best bands break up way before their time? This past weekend, I made the pilgrimage from Philadelphia down to Richmond, VA to catch their Government Warning play their goodbye show. Playing at Strange Matter, I haven’t been there since it was the Nancy Raygun nearly 7 years ago. Strangely enough, the place didn’t seem to have changed at all. The sold out venue was packed with plenty of faces looking to party with GW one last time.


I missed the openers, but made it in time to catch Cloak/Dagger. Being from the area, I was pretty surprised that more people didn’t seem to know their songs, but the band still put on an impressive show even if the crowd was pretty nonreactive for the most part. Playing their special blend of hardcore and surf influenced songs, they blasted through tracks from Lost Art and We Are ,with some 7 inch releases thrown in too. Love these dudes, and they played my favorite (Walk The Block) as a closer. Sweet.

Government Warning:

Unfortunately I completely missed Night Birds set due to me being a dumbass and COMPLETELY forgetting where I parked, but I thankfully made it back in time to see the reason I headed down to Richmond in the first place. Opening with my 3 favorite songs by them (No Moderation, Jocks and Cops, Cutting Room Floor) the place instantly turned into a giant dance frenzy with bodies flying through the air to the aggressive 80s sounding hardcore.

They played a solid number from all of their releases, and threw in a few covers as well (I’m blanking, but I believe Minor Threat and Circle Jerks). Bummer to see them go, they put on one of the best live shows in hardcore today.

Setlist (Partial):
No Moderation
Jocks and Cops
Cutting Room Floor
Trend City
Slave Labor
Government Warning
Minor Threat Cover (forget which song)
Sick Of Home

Cloak/Dagger – Walk The Block
Government Warning – Arrested

Government Warning – No Moderation
Cloak/Dagger – We Are


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