The Menzingers, Broadway Calls, Flatliners (live in Philly 10/23/11)

Last night, after a trip down to DC, I headed straight up to Philly’s Danger Danger to catch “exploding in popularity really fucking quickly” pop-punk act The Menzingers. It’s been over 2 years since I last been to Danger, and the spot hasn’t changed one bit.

The Arteries:

photo by the great

I missed openers Leagues Apart, but was able to catch UK’s The Arteries, and holy shit did they put on a good show. I never heard them before but they completely blew me away. Playing an interesting blend of pop punk and thrashier rock and roll, they definitely made a fan out of me with their performance, and I’ll have to check out their recorded shit for sure.

Broadway Calls:

Ok, truth be told, I never was a huge fan of Broadway Calls when I checked them out a few years ago (always a little too poppy for me) but besides the sheer length of their set (I felt like they played for a pretty long time), they put on an enjoyable set. Some of their songs seemed a little heavier and more Lifetime-esque than I remember, and their set is going to get me to spin their albums again.

The Flatliners:

People were obviously stoked for Canada’s ska turned melodic punk band The Flatliners, and they had a decent amount of people dancing throughout their set. Even though I’m not overly familiar with any of their albums (the only one I ever really listened to was Destroy To Create), but they always put on a fun live show.

The Menzingers:

Philly’s adopted Menzingers have really been making a lot of waves as of late, and have really been making a name for themselves within the punk community. Luckily, they still have the time to play an intimate house show in their stomping grounds for us, and damn do we go wild.

The second the band took the stage, the crowd busted out into a frenzy of stage dives and crowd surfing to their punk anthems. Bringing a keg on stage, seeing the Menzingers always feels more like a party than a show, and the band was feeding off of the crowds energy (with lead singer even doing a somersault into the crowd at one point).

The band played a lot off of their older releases, with a few off of Chamberlain Waits thrown in (and a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge” because why the fuck not?) As these guys explode, I hope they’ll continue to find time to still play shows like these.

Who’s Your Partner
Home Outgrown
They Speak Of My Drinking But Never Of My Thirst
A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology
Ava House
Knowledge (Cover)
New Song

The Menzingers – Home Outgrown

The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits


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