None More Black – File Under Black (For fans of Bouncing Souls, Smoke Or Fire, Lawrence Arms)

I feel really disappointed that I didn’t make the trek out to Asbury Lanes last night to catch None More Black, so I’m listening to them all day today. I then realize I never even posted on some of their best albums… Fucking A, I have a lot in the archives I need to work on.

After the demise of (the great) Kid Dynamite, from the ashes rose hardcore band Paint it Black, and more punk leaning None More Black (apparently the members of KD really fucking like the color black.) Releasing their debut full length “File Under Black” back in 2003, the album features some of the catchiest mid-tempo anthems in punk.

Shevchuck’s voice adds some extra gruff to the poppy and catchy melodies provided by the guitar work, and the lyrics are both incredibly snide and introspective at the same time (“I must be someone, because I think that everyone thinks I’m a bastard”).

Definitely a must for anyone who is a fan of The Bouncing Souls or melodic punk in general.

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