Bane, Defeater (Live In Philly 11/17/11)

Last night, after winning my dodgeball championship (fuck yeah children’s games), I rushed down to the basement of Philly’s Broad St Ministry to catch the legendary hardcore band Bane. The basement was packed, and I made it just in time for Boston’s Defeater.


I definitely have heard of Defeater before, but I haven’t ever heard their music. They took the stage and a dedicated few immediately started the pile ons and stage dives, and the band was exploding with energy on stage. They played hardcore but in a much more mid-tempo and gloomier ambiance to it, and almost sounded a bit experimental (lot of the lyrics came off concept albums, dealing with World War II, etc.)

I’ll have to check out their recorded stuff.


Does Bane really need an introduction at this point? These Boston dudes have made such an impact on hardcore, and always throw an insane live show. I don’t know if they always have this much energy, but every time Bane comes to Philly, they always seem to be enjoying the fuck out of their selves which is awesome to see in a band that’s been doing this nonstop for over 13 years.

A pit immediately cleared, and had people stage diving, two stepping (cough yours truly cough) and shouting along every lyric as soon as the band uttered the words “We’re Bane.” The band played songs off all of their releases, with plenty off of Give Blood (my personal favorite) and a few off of Holding This Moment. Great time as usual (I missed Bane), and luckily this time around, I didn’t need to go get stitches after the show…

Some Came Running
Swan Song
Sunflowers and Sunsets
My Therapy

Bane – Speechless

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Give Up The Ghost


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