Mixtapes – A Short Collection Of Short Songs (For fans of The Hold Steady, Matt and Kim, Bomb The Music Industry)

“What the fuck is this shit?” I’ll admit, that was my first reaction upon hearing Cincinnati’s Mixtapes. It’s not that it was bad by any means, but being labeled as one of the newest quintessential pop-punk bands that must be checked out I was a little surprised by the acoustic, piano driven anthems found on their EP “A Short Collection of Short Songs”. I know, me and my narrow mind.

After I got over myself, I gave A Short Collection of Short Songs another chance, and let me say now I am completely blown away and find myself playing it all the time. I will say however, that I don’t believe that Mixtapes should be pigeon holed into the “pop-punk” genre as everyone seems to place them. The band pulls from so many more influences, including indie, and at times with their gal/guy vocal combination I was reminded a bit of Matt and Kim. The big difference from them and the hundreds of other punk bands that pull a lot of influences from indie is that Mixtapes do it right and keeps an ADD music fan such as myself hooked.

7 Songs in 16 minutes, every song hold up on their own. “I’m Like” and “The Real Hotel California” are more traditional pop-punk songs while “Soups Whatever” and “Birthday Party Summer Camp” are slower (but just as catchy). Mixtapes also threw in a Hold Steady cover for good measure. Fuck yeah.

Mixtapes – Birthday Party Summer Camp (Helllooo Meggannn)

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