Armalite – Humongous (For fans of Husker Du, Atom and His Package, Amateur Party)

Holy shit. Philadelphia super group (featuring Atom, Dan Yemin, Jeff Ziga, and Mike McKee) has finally, after half a decade, released some new material! Of course, it’s only a 3 song EP, but I’ll take what I could get from these guys.

Instead of writing a normal review, I’ll just post a few drunken tweets I got from my friend regarding Armalite. They get better as the drinks got heavier.

-New Armalite EP? review or it didn’t happen.

If you listen to the lyrics in the first song New Years they’re actually really touching.

Tried to look up Armalite guitar tabs, no dice. “Did you make a typo, are you looking for Marmalade?”

thanksgiving my dad told me I look healthier now that I’m not a vegetarian. “thank you for the retroactive criticism”

Drunk tweets are the new drunk texts? I don’t think I’m gonna get trending anyway : /

There you have it folks.

Armalite – Double Negativity-ing

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