Man The Change – Weather The Storm (for fans of Strike Anywhere, Satanic Surfers, Lifetime)

Brooklyn NY. Usually associated with hipsters, mobsters telling you “fuhgeddaboutit”, and now one of the most solid new melodic hardcore bands I’ve heard in a while. Man The Change released their either incredibly long or incredibly short 8 song “Weather The Storm” last year, and I’ve been listening to it nonstop as of late.

Pulling from a grab bag of punk rock influences, I hear traces of melodic hardcore, skate punk, and pop-punk within the 8 songs. Plenty of whoa’s, breakdowns, and gang vocals, Man The Change delivers ridiculously catchy and fast paced punk rock that is sure to get any fan of Good Riddance or Satanic Surfers hooked.

Sure, there may be nothing groundbreaking about Weather The Storm, but if you’re looking for catchy melodies and fun punk rock, pick this up.

Man The Change – Rambo vs Bas Rutten

You Know You Love It:
Strike Anywhere – Change Is Sound
Nofx – Coaster
They Stay Dead – EP

Man The Change

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