Adelleda – Herkimer Street (For fans of Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Ignite)

Sometimes it seems like Canada has it all: public health care, better maple syrup, and a plethora of damn good skate influenced punk rock.  Ontario based Adelleda is the latest band to add to great canadian punk, and their 8 track “Herkimer Street” is 20 minutes of melodic skate bliss.

While I realize that it’s certainly cliche to compare a melodic punk band to early Propagandhi, I can’t help but listen to some of Adelleda’s riff’s and be reminded of the Manitoba legends (hell, their song Implausible Denial reminds me of I-Spy a bit before I even knew where they were from).  Adelleda is able to avoid pigeon holing themselves though by pulling influences from other melodic hardcore bands.  Song GBN is incredibly reminiscent of Ignite and opener Farley reminds me a bit of Vision.

If you’re a fan of melodic punk rock at all, it’s hard to steer wrong with Adelleda’s “Herkimer Street”.  Oh, and I forgot to mention they offer it up on their bandcamp completely for free… so really, what are you waiting for?

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