Mixtapes – Hope Is For People (For fans Matt and Kim, The Hold Steady, The Dopamines)

Cincinnati’s Mixtapes have been an incredibly busy band.  In a span of less than two years, they’ve released an album, 3 EPs, and a split.  Their latest EP “Hope Is For People” is one of those albums that just immediately puts you in a good mood the second it starts.

If you’re not smiling (or at least singing along with the whoas) halfway through, I’m forced to assume you hate fun or have no soul.  With 6 songs clocking in at 11 minutes (and one of those songs are just an acoustic version of another), Mixtapes really hit their stride on Hope Is For People.  Playing dual guy/gal vocals pop-punk mixed with indie, “Hope Is For People” is poppy without being too sugary.

Songs like “Where I Live” and “The New Ride The Lightning” are your relatively straight forward disgustingly catchy pop-punk, while title track “Hope Is For People” and “You’d Better Bring More Dudes” are acoustic-turn-punk jams.

I’m usually pretty picky when a band is this poppy, but Mixtapes does it fucking right on “Hope Is For People”.  You can’t go wrong if you like your punk a little more poppy, or if you just like fun music in general.

Mixtapes – Where I Live

Mixtapes – A Short Collection Of Short Songs
Bomb The Music Industry – Vacations
The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits
The Copyrights – North Sentinel Island

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