Signals Midwest – Latitudes and Longitudes (For fans of Menzingers, Braid, Smoke or Fire)

There’s just something about Signals Midwest’s “Latitudes and Longitudes”.  I’m not usually into the particular style that these Cleveland, Ohio dudes play, and while it’s not in my regular rotation (yet), I do enjoy the album.

Signals Midwest play that gruff midwestern punk mixed with melodic emo influences that seems to be randomly big these days, but unlike 90% of similar bands, they’re able to keep me hooked.

You can hear their influences through each melody, from The Menzingers, Braid, to Smoke or Fire (shit, listen to the opening vocal pattern of “The Weight And The Waiting”, it’s the exact same as Smoke or Fire’s “Neon Light”). Speaking of melodies, some of them are just straight up addicting, particularly “Family Crest” and “The Quiet Persuader”.

For fans of people who like sticking their hands in their hoodie pockets and nodding furiously along to songs, only to take it out and thump on their chests for the really exciting parts… oh and beards.  Definitely beards.

Signals Midwest – The Quiet Persuader

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