World Inferno Friendship Society (Live in West Chester, PA 2/16/12)

The World Inferno Friendship Society always have the most passionate shows.  On Thursday night, I headed out to West Chester’s Note in order to catch the cabaret punk, and due to an emergency, unfortunately missed both Spraynard and Mischief Brew.  I came close to missing part of Inferno as well but walked in right as the band began their call to arms “Tattoos Fade”.
In all honesty, I was a little bit nervous about the crowd being lackluster due to the fact it was in West Chester as opposed to Philly (even Municipal Waste shows at The Note leave me desiring a little more action) however my fears were put to rest almost immediately.  Right, this is an Inferno show, and we’re a passionate bunch.

Moshing, waltzing, and makeouts, Inferno shows are always a surreal experience.  The band played tight as usual, with Jack entertaining the crowd with his banter.  They played songs spanning nearly all of their releases, and the crowd responded positively to them all.

I may have also seen the youngest kid to ever stage dive that night, kudos to him (and to the rest of you stage divers… don’t make me come out of stage dive retirement and show you youngsters how it’s done.)

Setlist (not in order and from what I remember… pretty complete I think):

Tattoos Fade
My Ancestral Home, New Jersey
Jake and Eggers
Brother Of The Mayor Of Bridgewater
Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures
Everybody Come To Rick’s
The Apple Was Eve
13 Years Without Peter King
Thumb Cinema
I Am Sick Of People Being Sick Of My Shit
I Just Make Faces
Zen and the Art Of Breaking Everything In This Room
Ladies And Gentleman Of The Road
Politics Of Passing Out
Naughty Little Rat Makes Friends
So Long To The Circus
Canonize Philip K. Dick, OK
The Models and the Mannequins

World Inferno Friendship Society – Go With It Girl

World Inferno Friendship Society – The Anarchy And The Ecstasy
World Inferno Friendship Society – A Demonstrational Introduction to the Astral Plane
World Inferno Friendship Society – Addicted to Bad Ideas
World Inferno Friendship Society – Just The Best Party
World Inferno Friendship Society – Red Eyed Soul
World Inferno Friendship Society – East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today


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