Less Than Jake – Pesto (For fans of Reel Big Fish, Slapstick, Streetlight Manifesto)

So about a week ago, Less Than Jake came to Philly and I completely skipped it.  I still feel guilty about it (let’s be honest, ska is a dying breed) so I’ve been listening to my old early high school favorites for the past week (seriously, Less Than Jake used to be my JAM 13 years ago when I was just a wee freshman).

Less Than Jake has a lot of obscure vinyl releases, but one of their rarer and more interesting ones was their EP “Pesto”.  Only 3000 pressed, and while technically released in 1999, the songs were all recorded much earlier, before Less Than Jake featured a horn section.

There are only four tracks on Pesto, with two of them being rerecorded for their first studio album Pezcore.  It’s pretty cool hearing the slowed down, infant version of “Black Coffee” and “Process” we all know and love from Pezcore.  The other two songs are “Good Time For Change” which was a bonus track on one of their later releases, and “Green Eyed Monster”.

If you’re a Less Than Jake fan, Pesto is worth checking out, although you may have a hard time a physical copy.

Less Than Jake – Black Coffee (Pesto version)

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Less Than Jake – Greetings From…


Out Of Print

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