Mail Order Is Fun (Ska-punk Compilation)

Let’s go back 10 years ago.  I was a bored punk kid in his senior year of high school, and I just needed to get out of my suburban NJ house for the day… I hopped into my car, and drove out to wherever just to kill some time.  I wound up near a mall, and decided I needed some new music since I forgot all my CDs.  I go into whatever lame music store (it was probably a Hot Topic…) and check their discount bin.  There I saw it for 3 dollars: Asian Man Records “Mail Order Is Fun!”

I owe so much to this little CD.

I was a huge punk/ska fan at this point, but this little (ok huge, with 29 songs) made me fall in love with so many bands.  Sure, there was a lot of shit on the CD and stuff I would never listen to, but for 3 dollars, there were more than enough gems.

Me listening to bands such as Slapstick, The Impossibles, Link 80, The Broadways, MU330, Potshot, Blue Meanies, and Nicotine are a direct result of Asian Man’s compilation.  If you are looking to discover some classic ska-punk bands, you can’t go wrong with this comp.

Slapstick – There’s A Metal Head In The Parking Lot
The Impossibles – Plan B
Funsize – Pickle
The Broadways – 15 Minutes

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Asian Man

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