World Inferno Friendship Society – 3 Ring Brain and A Circus Heart (RIYL Mischief Brew, Franz Nicolay, Defiance Ohio)

The World Inferno Friendship Society has been one of my favorite bands for a little while now, winning me over years ago with their passionate live shows and their incredibly eclectic sound (what has been described as cabaret punk).  So when they played a song I’ve never heard last month, I was confused and asked someone what the hell album was this off of?  “Oh, this is off of 3 Ring Brain and A Circus Heart.”

What the hell?  I looked into it more and found that 3 Ring Brain And A Circus Heart was an album that World Inferno was going to release back in 2010 but canceled it, opting to release The Anarchy And The Ecstasy instead.  Not many people know about 3 Ring Brain, but luckily my buddy who has worked with the band actually had a copy… and holy shit, it is too good not to share.

With 8 songs (4 of them eventually rerecorded for their latest album: Politics Of Passing Out, Jake and Eggars, Lean Time For Heroes, and The Mighty Raritan) this gem of an album is one solid listen.  It’s awesome hearing the songs done a little differently (Mighty Raritan is more piano driven for example) and the unheard ones rule in their own respect.

From the circle pit inducing opener “Ladies & Gentleman Of The Road” to the slower tango influenced “Anti-Fascist Cabaret”, 3 Ring Brain And A Circus Heart is a must for any die-hard Inferno fan.  Even when they were playing a song off of it live, Jack had a huge grin as a few in the crowd shouted along… it must be quite a feeling to know that people are impassioned so much by your art that it doesn’t even matter if it’s released or not.

World Inferno Friendship Society – Ladies and Gentlemen Of The Road

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