Bomb The Music Industry and Classics Of Love (Live In Philly 3/16/12)

Happy St Paddy’s day!  If you’re not Irish, have fun pretending to be by listening to that one (and only one) Dropkick Murphy’s song “Ship it Up To Boston” (because you know, DKM only have one song) and if you are Irish, be sure to bitch about everyone who isn’t.

Last night I headed to Philly’s First Unitarian Church to catch D.I.Y dudes Bomb The Music Industry.  Easily the biggest venue I’ve ever seen them at, they still were able to pack the place out (much different than the days I saw them at the Ava House).  I unfortunately missed the majority of the openers, and walked in just in time as Mike Park of Skankin Pickle fame was about to play “The Crowd” by Operation Ivy.  Awesome.

Classics Of Love

So it turns out that Jesse Michaels of Operation Ivy / Common Rider still makes music, and it turns out, I still really fucking like it.  I’ve never heard of Classics Of Love before (besides the Common Rider song), but I got to say, I was digging their entire set and was disappointed when they stopped.

Have you ever listened to Common Rider’s “Thief In A Sleeping Town” EP?  Classics of Love pretty much sounds like that.  Aggressive punk rock served as the backdrop to the legendary Jesse Michaels voice.  They had a sizable circle pit throughout their entire set.  Check it out.

Bomb The Music Industry

I love BTMI, and anytime I see them, it makes me remember how much I used to completely love ska (although BTMI isn’t really a ska band).  The band started out with some sound difficulties, to which they said they were allowed to take their time, they started early due to Classics Of Love’s set being so short.  Jeff was covered in bandages, and his arm was in a sling at the start of the show.  He informed us he was involved in a motorcycle accident a few days earlier, so please, don’t go near him when stage diving.

The band kicked off into Campaigning For A Better Weekend, and continued to play a solid set with plenty of hilarious banter in between.  BTMI always has a strange reaction… either people are dead at their shows, or go batshit off the walls crazy.  Last night was the latter.  Stage dives and pits were strong throughout the night as they played stuff through much of their catalog (majority off of their latest Vacation).

Also, if any of you BTMI guys are reading this, anyway to convince Barnaby Jones to have one reunion show?  Please?  I miss them, a lot.

Set from what I Remember:
Campaign For A Better Weekend
All Ages Show
Big Ending
First Time I Met Sanawon
Vocal Coach
Sort Of Like Being Pumped
Everybody That You Love
Hurricane Waves
Sick Later
Shower Beers
I Don’t Love You Anymore

Future 86

Bomb The Music Industry – I Don’t Love You Anymore

Bomb The Music Industry – Vacation
Scenester 101: How to Be a 3rd Wave Ska Dork
Bomb The Music Industry – Adults!!! Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing
Bomb the Music Industry – Scrambles
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Discography

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