None More Black, Holy Mess, Dry Feet, Halo Of Snakes Live In Philly (3-30-12)

Last night, with a possible case of malaria (don’t worry punks, it’s not contagious) I headed out to Philly’s First Unitarian Church to see Philly/Jersey’s None More Black play a show with The Holy Mess, homies Dry Feet, and Halo Of Snakes.  The show was running late, so I was able to catch everyone.

Halo Of Snakes

Picture from . Awesome Philly music site, check em out.

I never heard of these guys before, but some of them looked really familiar (probably have seen them around at shows in Philly).  These dudes played aggressive hardcore mixed with all sorts of influences, including stoner rock such as Kyuss.  I was digging their set, although I wasn’t too into the slower jams, but the faster ones were fucking tight.  Will need to check out their demo.

Dry Feet

My bud’s band, when Dry Feet first started I thought they were doing it as a joke.  Now they’ve started to take off, and really have perfected their Philadelphia Beach surf rock sound.  Opening with the riff of None More Black’s “Oh There’s Legwork”, they busted into their own songs after getting a few laughs from the crowd.

Mixing surf punk with good ole fashioned Philly grittiness, Dry Feet played a hell of a set, throwing in a shit load of new songs along with a few from their first album “Philadelphia Beach”.  A lot of people in the crowd seemed confused by these bathing suit, snorkel wearing gentleman, but I’ll be damned if they weren’t having a good time.

The Holy Mess

What can be said about Philly’s The Holy Mess besides they are always looking to party and have a good time.  Previous times I’ve seen them, they’ve brought a keg on stage, and while they didn’t bring one this time around, they did open with their hilarious banter which pissed off the crowd (and as the crowd shouted for them to play a fucking song, it just egged them on more… reminds me of D4 a lot in this respect.)  They finally started playing, and continuing with tradition started playing None More Black’s “Oh There’s Legwork” before hopping into their own song.

They played a surprisingly tight set, with a lot of new songs that I never heard before.  They played a few off Dismount including Crazy Horny and Pepsi Fuller, and only one off their Benefit Sesh (A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer).  Don’t remember if they played any off of Briefcase Full Of Bruise, but regardless, stoked for the new album.

Easy On The Pepsi Fuller
New Song
Crazy Horny
New Song
New Song
New Song
New Song
A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer
New Song

None More Black

The reason most people were at the show, it’s been a LONG time since None More Black last played Philly.  Shit, I’ve seen Kid Dynamite more recently than I’ve seen None More Black.  Surprisingly NOT starting with Oh There’s Legwork as every other band did, None More Black played a decent set spanning across all of their releases, with the majority coming off their latest Icons.

The crowd went into a frenzy for the first time all night (well unless you want to count one drunk dude who kept slipping on beer during the Holy Mess) with people stage diving, two stepping, and everything in between.  Jason seemed to have some issues as people kept banging into his mic and even losing it in the crowd at one point (but he was a pretty good sport about it).  Yours truly over here told himself he would be calm at the show since he might have… you know, malaria, but by the second song my Jersey roots took over and I lost my shit for the rest of the night.

I don’t remember the setlist in it’s entirety, definitely not in order, and there may be some mistakes on here, but this is what I THINK they played.

P.S: I know everyone misses Kid Dynamite (myself included, one of my favorite bands) but I am the only person who misses Aneurysm Rats?

Mr Artistic
We Dance On The Ruins Of The Stupid Stage
Banned From The Teen Arts
My Wallpaper Looks Like Paint
Here Comes Devereux
StillSternLanguage&Norris (I think)
Oh There’s Legwork
Gary Page One In Pink (I think)
Drop The Pop
Genuine Malaise and Misery
Zing Pong
Sinatra After Dark

Dinner’s For Suckers

None More Black – Nods To Nothing
The Holy Mess – Tonight! Stroudsburg! One Night Only!
Dry Feet – Pray For Surf

None More Black – File Under Black
None More Black – Icons
Holy Mess – Benefit Sesh
Holy Mess – Briefcase Full Of Bruise
Dry Feet – Philadelphia Beach

Fat Wreck
Dry Feet
Holy Mess

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