Seaway – Self Titled EP (RIYL Crucial Dudes, Newfound Glory, Mixtapes)

I approach pop-punk like postal workers approach a suspicious package in the mail: poke it with a stick a few times, and hope the results don’t leave me covered in burns praying for my life to be spared.  I guess what I’m trying to (poorly) say is for every good pop-punk band, there are probably like 1000 shitty ones I simply cannot stand due to them being too whiny, too poppy, or (insert elitist reason for hating some pop-punk band of your choice here).

Ontario’s Seaway is one of the diamonds in the rough.  With their debut Self Titled EP, Seaway provides 4 tracks of unrelenting pop-punk goodness.  Catchy guitar hooks, infectious sing-a-longs, and just enough grittiness to keep a jaded punk fan like myself interested.  Very reminiscent of Crucial Dudes and early Newfound Glory (fuck you, their Self Titled is good… go listen to the song Vegas and try to tell me it isn’t catchy).

If you dig pop-punk, Seaway should definitely be on your radar.  Go to their bandcamp and check out their Self Titled EP.

Seaway – The Basics

More Pop Punk:
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Mixtapes – Hope Is For People

Seaway Bandcamp

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