Red C – Demo (For fans of Minor Threat, Teen Idles, Government Issue)

Red C is one of those hardcore gems from the 80s that not many people know about.  Formed in DC back in 1981, the band only played about 7 shows ever, and only recorded one 4 song demo (which Dischord released on their Flex Your Head compilation).  Still, any early hardcore fan would dig them.

The demo is only about 5 minutes in length, with the first track being an instrumental, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately.  Playing hardcore in the veins of Minor Threat and Government Issue, if you listen to Ceremony at all you may actually already know a Red C song (Ceremony covered “Pressure’s On” on their Violence Violence + Ruined).

If you’re a fan of early hardcore, definitely check out Red C’s demo, which you can find on Dischord’s compilation.

Red C – Pressure’s On

More Hardcore:
Minor Threat
Embrace (Ian’s Band After Minor Threat)

Teen Idles – Minor Disturbance
Ceremony – Violence Violence


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