Ceremony, Dead People Screaming Live In Philly (4/21/12)

Yesterday evening I headed out to my second home The Barbary to catch one of my favorite hardcore acts around, Ceremony.  It’s been about a year since I last saw them and they always put on a solid show.  As an added bonus, I learned that Philly’s own Dead People Screaming was opening the show and I’ve been meaning to catch these dudes for a little while.

Dead People Screaming:

Singer Ryan came out wearing a drag dress and some Batman undies to the surprise of mostly everyone (possibly including his band) and within the first note jumped down off the stage and into the crowd.   I love this fucking guy.

They blasted through a few heavy hitting, fast paced punk jams that the majority of the crowd seemed to be digging (albeit shielding themselves from the singer who was flying through the crowd).  My favorite jam was a “pop punk” (I use that term loosely) song they did, which featured incredibly catchy melodies with some break-beat breakdowns thrown in.

Definitely need to catch Dead People Screaming play a house show, I’m sure they tear that shit up.


I missed both Watery Love and Salvation (who I’ve seen before at the American Nightmare reunion up in Boston), but made it back to the venue in time for Cali’s Ceremony.  Known for their power-violence blast beat hardcore, they threw fans a curve ball with their latest release of Zoo.  Zoo has been both critically acclaimed and crucified by fans for a complete change in a direction, and abandoning all their hardcore influences for a more post-punk (think Pixies, Joy Division) sound.

I was cautiously excited for their set as I wasn’t the biggest fan of their latest, and was afraid that the majority of the set would be of the newer influence.  Unfortunately for me, my fears were true.  The band opened up immediately with Hysteria which sent the crowd into a stage diving, pile-on frenzy.

Ceremony followed it up with “The oldest song ever written”, Kersed which had all of us losing our shit.  The band played tight, and Ross’s usual one man ball of destruction/raving lunatic on stage was a little more subdued (but that could be because there were always a minimum of like 6 additional people up there with him just singing along).

Majority of the set was from Zoo and Rohnert Park, with a few songs sprinkled in from Violence Violence and Still Nothing Moves You.  I love Ceremony, and they are still one of my favorite hardcore bands ever, but I personally felt a little underwhelmed by their set (not their actual performance, they killed it with all of their songs, I’m just picky and want more old stuff… but they DID just come out with their new album).

Still, even if I don’t like it, I give the band credit for going out there and trying something different… as in true Ceremony style, I know they’re doing it for themselves and couldn’t give two fucks what anyone thinks.  I just hope they incorporate more of the brutal passionate rage that made me love Ceremony in the first place.    They DID close with Throwing Bricks and I Want to Bring This To An End so i can’t complain too much.

Open Head
The Difference Between Looking And Seeing
World Blue
The Doldrums
He-god-has Favored Our Undertakings
Terminal Addiction
Pressure’s On (Red-C Cover)
5 to 10 (Vile Cover)
Throwing Bricks
I Want To Bring This To An End
Violence Violence

Ceremony – My Hands Are Made Of Spite

Ceremony – Zoo
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Ceremony – Scared People EP
Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony – Rohnert Park

Dead People Screaming

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