Protest The Hero Live In Philly (4/22/12)

Last night I headed out to Philly’s Trocadero to catch punk turned progressive metal act Protest The Hero.  These guys always put on a good show, and I love watching how they’ve progressed from when I first heard their melodic punk sounds back when they released “A Calculated Use Of Sound” all the way to their face melting riffs of Scurrilous.  I walked in about halfway through Periphery’s set, and while I don’t really know too much about these Maryland dudes, they definitely had the crowd moving.

Protest The Hero:

I was feeling a bit down before the show for some reason, and almost didn’t even want to go (even with them being one of my favorite bands), but they played Propagandhi while they set up their equipment, and suddenly I was stoked.  These young bucks from Canada took the stage to the oh so beautiful sound of a 56k modem dialing up, to which some youngsters in the crowd yelled “This sounds like Skrillex!”.  Seriously, am I that old?

Breaking out into Scurrilous closer “Sex Tapes”, Protest The Hero had the crowd screaming along and opening into a rather sporadic pit.  The band played as tight as ever, and they blasted through songs on all of their releases (minus A Calculated Use Of Sound).  Rody took some time to congratulate Philly for their Flyers victory, make fun of the few who thought the 56k modem was Skrillex, and thank and take some friendly jabs at the bands they brought on tour with them.

One of the highlights of the show was when during their final songs, all of the openers came out on stage and did the conga stripped down in their boxers to the confusion and hilarity of Protest The Hero.  The band was able to keep a straight face and continue playing (except Rody, who started cracking up) but he recovered quickly and continued the song.

Definitely a solid show and always a fun time when they come around.

Setlist (Not in order, but pretty complete)
Sex Tapes
Goddess Bound
Goddess Gagged
Tongue Splitter
Sequoia Throne
Turn Soonest To The Sea
Hair Trigger
Limb From Limb
Blindfolds Aside
C’est La Vie

Protest The Hero – Heretics And Killers

Protest the Hero – Scurrilous
Protest the Hero – A Calculated Use Of Sound
Protest The Hero – Fortress
Protest The Hero – Kezia

Protest Official

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