Propagandhi – How To Clean Everything (For fans of NOFX, The Weakerthans, Bigwig)

What the fuck?  After going through my music collection and some old blog posts, I realized that I somehow managed to skip over some of my all time favorite albums thinking I already posted on them.  Leading that list is Propagandhi’s How To Clean Everything.

While Propagandhi has evolved into a more thrash punk sound as of late (which I fucking love for the record…), the first full length by these snotty Canadian punks featured 12 songs of politically infused skate punk bliss.  Released 19 years ago back in 1993 (holy shit, feel old yet?) How To Clean Everything completely shreds from anthem Anti-Manifesto all the way to the Cheap Trick of I Want You To Want Me.

Lyrically, Propagandhi tackles political issues and feminism (and the fact ska sucks on one track), but they do incredibly bluntly.  Songs such as Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass You Son Of A Bitch aren’t exactly subtle, and neither is the outro to the reggae influenced Haillie Salasse, Up Your Ass which features a chorus simply chanting “fuck religion”.  Still, there is a certain charm to all this bluntness, and Chris’s lyrics are rounded out by John K (of The Weakerthans) who played bass and occasionally sang some more emotional lyrics, as heard on the song Showdown.

Definitely a must for any punk fan in general, Propagandhi is one of my favorite bands, and How To Clean Everything shows their old melodic skate punk roots.  Fuck, I noticed I didn’t post on Today’s Empire Tomorrow’s Ashes as well… guess that’ll go into the queue.

Propagandhi – Anti Manifesto

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Propagandhi – How to Clean Everything

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