Geoff Rickly Of Thursday Live in Philadelphia 5/9/12

Photo Taken By: Kurt Christensen

I’m not the biggest fan of screamo (and I came a long way… I used to downright hate it), but I’ve always liked Thursday.  Maybe it’s the fact I’m originally from NJ and Bruce Springsteen himself will come around and uppercut you in the balls if you don’t like Thursday, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve always respected the band for being the first to start the whole screamo thing without singing about broken hearts, hair dye, or whatever the fuck else most sing about.

That being said, I haven’t seen Thursday since 2003, and am pretty much unfamiliar with most of their catalog with the exception of Full Collapse, Waiting, and Jet Black New Year.  After Thursday broke up, I was bummed I wouldn’t get to see them again, but last night Geoff Rickly (singer) played a free show covering Thursday songs at Philly’s own Gunner’s Run (I guess it’s obvious who didn’t want the band to break up).

Unfortunately I was late due to being caught in traffic after a Philadelphia Union game (DOOP DOOP DOOP MOTHERFUCKERS), but I was able to catch most of his set.  Geoff looked nervous up on stage in front of everyone, and I remember reading in an interview that he always got nervous even when the full band did an acoustic version of a song, because if he fucks up, everyone will know.  Of course, everyone will be too busy singing along to care, but when you’re solo with an acoustic guitar, you leave yourself much more exposed.

Armed with his acoustic guitar, Geoff asked people to sing along to the overlapping vocal parts, but asking was unnecessary. The small bar was packed with fans, and people were shouting along to every word of every song.

Usually I’m not big on the whole acoustic performance, but I had a blast and Geoff killed it (and the fact that the show was free definitely helped matters).  Made me incredibly nostalgic for when I used to go see Thursday way back in the day.

Cross Out The Eyes (and I fucking just missed it)
Understanding In A Car Crash
How Long Is The Night
War All The Time

Thursday – Jet Black New Year

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