OFF – Self Titled (For fans of Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, Bad Brains)

OFF is back, and they are as pissed off as ever.  With their latest Self Titled album, OFF rips through 16 punk rock tracks in 15 minutes, leaving behind a whirlwind of old school hardcore destruction.

For those who don’t know, OFF is a punk band fronted by Keith Morris (of Black Flag/Circle Jerks fame) and features members from Red Kross, Burning Bridges, and Hot Snakes.  Playing brash and unapologetic hardcore, OFF picks up where they left off on their First Four EPs.  Not that Keith Morris cares, as he stated in an interview “I really, really liked the record. I’m not one of the guys that sits around and says “We did this on this one and then on that one we did that.” I’ve never paid attention to anything like that. If the music is good, it transcends.

The album starts off with the snarling “Wiped Out”, and continues an unrelenting assault all the way through closer “I Want One”.  On the way, guitarist Dimitri expands on the normal three chord approach by sprinkling in sporadic leads throughout the album and even slows things down a bit on “King Kong Brigade”.  Meanwhile, no one is safe from Keith’s biting lyrics.  Whether it be the criticizing old bands and future ones on “I Got News For You” (which with the lyrics “You bet I got something against you too” almost seems like a response to Black Flag’s “You Bet We’ve Got Something Personal Against You”) or “Feelings Were Meant To Be Hurt”, Keith unleashes a pissed off vocal fury with more angst and anger than people half his age.

OFF’s Self Titled is a must for anyone who likes no frills, no bullshit punk rock.  While the band may get a lot of publicity due to their members, the music definitely holds up and sounds like it came straight from the 80s.

OFF – I Got News For You

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OFF! (CD or Vinyl)

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