1208 – Feedback is Payback (For fans of Pennywise, The Deviates, NOFX)

I think my iPod may be possessed by a southern California skater ghost.  Every now and then, regardless of what I pick or want to play, the cursed device just starts randomly playing 1208’s Feedback is Payback.  I’ll usually just go ahead and listen to the album, because it’s a pretty fucking solid album.  Thank you ghost DJ.

1208 (pronounced twelve-oh-eight or twelve-zero-eight… not one thousand two hundred and eight…) released their debut Feedback is Payback back in 2002, and it is some damn solid skate punk.  You don’t find too much of that particular flavor of punk around much anymore, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t love that melodic punk sound.

Go check your record collection real quick, its alright, we’ll wait for you.  Ok back?  Did you find The Deviates, Millencolin, or Pennywise’s early shit?  Then you’ll dig 1208 and should probably check them out.

Fun fact: the singer of 1208 (Alex) is actually Greg Ginn of Black Flag’s nephew.

1208 – 1988

Chicken Soup For The Punk’s Soul:
The Deviates – My Life
The Scandals – The Sound Of Your Stereo
NOFX – Pump Up The Valuum

1208 – Feedback Is Payback

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