The Holy Mess – Dismount (For fans of The Menzingers, Banner Pilot, Captain We’re Sinking)

Let me tell you about the first time I saw The Holy Mess a few years back.  They opened up for a band I was there to see (I don’t remember who), and these Philly punks talked waaay too goddamn much.  However, sort of like Dillinger Four, their banter was hilarious.  The very few songs they did play got me interested in checking out their recorded stuff.  The band sort of exploded over the past two years and got the attention of Red Scare, to which they pretty much released two of the bands EPs (Dismount and Benefit Sesh) on one album.  “FUCK!  ENOUGH FUCKING HISTORY DUDE, WHAT ABOUT THE FUCKING MUSIC?! FUCK!!!”

Dismount contains 6 sing-along punk songs clocking in around 15 minutes.  On the album, The Holy Mess play catchy, aggressive punk rock tunes in the veins of The Menzingers/Banner Pilot, except a lot gruffer and a lot more beer soaked.  The album is fun and full of anthems, perfect for the upcoming summer.  While The Holy Mess usually leaves politics out of their music, there is a nod to Propagandhi at the end of “Crazy Horny”, and I could see comparisons to the band’s earlier stuff.

Everybody should check out this Philly band, and if you haven’t heard of The Holy Mess before, the Dismount EP is a damn good place to start.

The Holy Mess – Captain, We’re Drinking!

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The Holy Mess (I couldn’t find just the Dismount EP anymore, but the Self Titled has all the songs from Dismount.)

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