Thursday – Full Collapse (For fans of Sunny Day Real Estate, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday)

Do you guys remember the early 2000s?  You know, when everyone (at least in NJ) was wearing a trucker cap with their latest vintage tee they found at the Salvation Army and (unfortunately) punk shows were being replaced with this thing called screamo (or as they liked to be called “post hardcore”).  God I hated the whole punk show cancellations to let these bands play, and it made me bitter towards the entire genre for a very long time… in fact I used to believe that it would be less painful to just shove straight shit into your ears.

However even back in my bitter years there were a handful (ok, maybe 3) screamo albums that I did thoroughly enjoy, with Thursday’s Full Collapse being one of them.

First off, one thing that separates Full Collapse from all of the other similar genre albums of the time is Geoff’s lyrics.  Not a single song on Full Collapse is about a relationship, a girl, or any other clichés.  No, Thursday is much darker than that.  Instead Thursday gets political on Autobiography Of A Nation or deals with horrors of child abuse on the song Concealer.

It’s not just the lyrics that are dark.  You’re not going to find many of the poppy melodies that are often found in music by other contemporaries.  Sure, Thursday throws the listener a bone for a second, but then immediately pulls you back into the void.  The music reeks of anger, but not in the obvious hardcore aggression.  Instead, it’s much more subtle, teetering on the border of being pissed and and desperation.

If you’ve always shrugged Thursday off as “one of those screamo bands”, I highly recommend you give Full Collapse a chance.  If this jaded punk fan can dig it, I’m convinced anyone can.

Thursday – Autobiography Of A Nation

Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down
La Dispute – Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between…


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