Refused – Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (For fans of Blacklisted, Minor Threat, At The Drive In)

Sweden’s Refused have been blowing up all sorts of headlines this year with the announcement of a reunion and playing a few shows.  I never realized they had so many fans, and it seems like the majority of people I talked to dig their groundbreaking The Shape Of Punk To Come as their favorite album.  Confession time: I don’t really like The Shape Of Punk To Come.  Maybe I need to give it another chance, but I’ll take their 2nd album Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent over it any day.

SFFD was released back in 1996, and is much harder and heavier than Shape.  On SFFD Refused were just toying with the experimental song formations and patterns that eventually made them famous.  Even with this experimentation, SFFD is clearly a hardcore album, as proven with fast ripping songs such as “Life Support Addiction” or “The Slayer”.  Songs such as “Hook, Line, And Sinker” and “Crusader of Hopelessness” manage to stay heavy while slowing things down a bit, making for a much sludgier hardcore sound.

Whether you like their later work or not, Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent is a solid hardcore album that any punk fan should check out.

Refused – The Slayer

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Paint It Black – Amnesia
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