Ceremony, Citizen’s Arrest Live In Philly (6/10/12)

Last night after trekking out to my home state of NJ, I rushed back to Philly in order to catch one of my favorite hardcore bands around, Ceremony.  I arrived at The Barbary just in time to catch the majority of Citizen’s Arrest.

Citizen’s Arrest

Screaming Females had to drop from the tour for medical reasons, and so Ceremony got recently reunited Citizen’s Arrest (they were originally only active from 1989-1991) to play.  They known for blending hardcore, grindcore, and power violence to make one fuck of a brutal sound.  Probably most famous for being Ted Leo’s old band, after seeing them last night they deserve much more credit.

The music was incredibly brutal, and while most people didn’t seem to know much by the band (myself included), it was obvious people were digging it.

I definitely need to check out their recorded work.

Soaked In Other’s Blood
Family At Your Throat
Death Threat


California’s Ceremony draws one hell of a diverse crowd nowadays.  On one side you have the hardcore purists (like myself) who were originally attracted to the band through their brutal releases of Violence Violence and Still Nothing Moves You, and then you have the folks who recently became fans through their experimental, The Wire-esque sounds of latest Zoo.

Surprisingly opening with The Doldrums, Ceremony ripped through a set list consisting of songs split between Violence Violence, Rohnert Park, and Zoo.  Vocalist Ross was under constant assault of stage dives and pile ons while the pit was in constant motion (pretty fucking lively for a Sunday night, hell yeah.)

Even though I do like the older songs more, I have to say the new stuff translates much better live then it does on record, and I found myself really enjoying songs I’d usually skip on album.

By the end of the night as they were closing out I Want To Bring This To An End and Kersed, the entire place was pandemonium gone wild.  Fuck yeah.

Also, I’m glad that Andy (of Paint It Black) joined the band, because I think that’s brining them to Philly much more often now.

The Doldrums
Open Head
He God Has Favored Our Undertakings
Living Hell
Into The Wayside/Sick
My Hands Are Made Of Spite
World Blue
Pressure’s On (Red C cover)
Terminal Addiction
Community Service
I Want To Put This To An End

Ceremony – My Hands Are Made Of Spite

Ceremony – Zoo
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Ceremony – Scared People EP
Ceremony – Still Nothing Moves You
Ceremony – Rohnert Park


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