The Bouncing Souls – Comet (For fans of Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Gaslight Anthem)

New Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls and I have a bit of a history.  They’ve easily been my favorite band since I picked up their Self Titled many moons ago as an angst filled teen, I have seen them countless of times, and even fucking broke my arm at one of their shows (resulting in the permanent fixture of 2 steel plates and about 20 screws in my arm.  Their music has (and still) gets me through some of the roughest patches of my life, and I’m been seriously been considering getting this tattoo since I turned 18 (which was 9 years ago).  Needless to say, I’m a pretty fucking die hard Souls fan.

With all that being said, I was cautiously stoked for the release of Comet, as I didn’t really love the Ghosts On The Boardwalk or The Gold Record (don’t get me wrong, there’s some solid songs on there I love… but I don’t find myself listening to them regularly.)  Now, I know you’re supposed to listen to music contextually as opposed to comparatively, but when I’m listening to an album and I can easily switch to Maniacal Laughter at any point if I get bored… fuck it, I’m going to compare things.  So how does newly released Comet stack up?  I’m not entirely sure yet.

On one hand, with songs like Infidel, Baptized, and DFA the Souls do seem to embrace their punk rock roots a bit more on Comet than on their previous two release, but they still pursue the more mellow, Bruce Springsteen influenced songs that we found on Ghosts On The Boardwalk.  Even the mellow songs like Fast Times and In Sleep are pretty solid.  Also worth mentioning is the first single Static, which while a solid song, doesn’t even sound like the Bouncing Souls until the anthematic breakdown (and I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if this one gets radio play.)

There aren’t any real lulls in the album, but there aren’t incredible passionate highs for me either.  The whole thing comes off a bit generic, and it may be because it’s The Bouncing Souls and everyone expects greatness from them all the time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun album to throw on.

Will it enter my regular rotation like anything pre Gold Record?  Probably not, but I do sense it may be a bit of a grower for me.

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