I Was Stranded In Long Island (A Mix)

It's like NY's erection jutting out into the ocean.

What’s up dudes/dudettes?  It’s summer time, which means travel time for many of you… and me.  The lack of posts last week were sponsored by me going to Long Island to go visit some friends for the weekend, and having that weekend trip turn into a week and a half… whoops (easy to do with pool parties, bonfires, and more Skyrim than you can shake a fist at).

The only reason I made my friend who drove rush back today was because we had tickets to a Philadelphia Union game (DOOP!)  Anyways, here’s some Long Island related tunes for all you out there.

Oh and one Long Island related confession:  I am a HUGE Billy Joel fan, and have been since I was spinning his albums on my Sesame Street record player when I was two years old.  There I said it.

Also… fact: the majority of the cast from that Jersey Shore shit is actually from Long Island, NOT New Jersey.  Go eat shit NJ haters.

Kill Your Idols – Only Dicks Don’t Like Black Flag
Bomb The Music Industry – (Shut Up) The Punx
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – I Like Green Day
Glassjaw – Siberian Kiss
Barnaby Jones – Handsome B Wonderful

Chicken Soup For The Punk Rock Soul:
This Goes Out To All You Late Nighters Out There
I Went To Costa Rica And Didn’t Get Malaria
Scenester 101: How To Be Hardcore


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