An Albatross – We Are The Lazer Viking (For fans of Melt Banana, Horse The Band, Dillinger Escape Plan)

Wilkes-Barre (now Philadelphia’s) PA’s pyscho hardcore circus An Albatross recently played a free show in Philly on the 4th of July, and I was out of town… fucking figures.  I’ve been listening to these dudes a lot as of late, and their 2003 release We Are The Lazer Viking is a complete face, mind, and fuck melt.

We Are The Lazer Viking consists of eleven spastic, electronic-y hardcore tracks that clock in for a total of less than nine minute.  Playing hardcore in the veins of Melt Banana or Horse The Band, An Albatross is like visiting a carnival in the midst of a bad acid trip… terrifying yet enthralling.

With vocalist’s Ed’s shrieking over the spastic guitars and keyboards, An Albatross throws you in a pit of chaos leaving just enough melody to cling onto for dear life.  Their assault is neurotic but incredibly calculated.

Personally I love this style of music when done right, and An Albatross does it fucking right.  The only issue is after listening to We Are The Lazer Viking, everything else just seems so boring.

An Albatross – Let’s Get On With It!

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An Albatross

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