Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out (For fans of The Copyrights, The Ramones, Screeching Weasel)

I remember when I first heard Teenage Bottlerocket’s Total back in 2005.  I was skating and had it in my headphones, completely blown away by the Ramones influenced pop-punk with clever songs about girls, the radio, and going postal at work.  I was so impressed, I made my girlfriend at the time listen to it (who wasn’t a fan of punk… but still has seen Bigwig more than me, fucking figures) and even she loved it.  Seven years later, Wyoming’s Teenage Bottlerocket return with their 5th studio album Freak Out, and it’s the perfect blend of humor, pop-punk, and of course… girls.

The beginning of the album plays a more aggressive style of pop-punk that we heard flashes of on their 2009 They Came From The Shadows, with songs about metalhead concussions, cruising for chicks, and Top Gun.  I hate to be that guy who draws comparisons to previous bands, but the beginning of the album has a very Lillingtons feel to it.

The album switches gears a little ways in though, with incredibly catchy and melodic pop-punk love songs that we’re used to from Teenage Bottlerocket. From the mandatory frustrated “Done With Love”, and the ultimate friend zone song “Never Gonna Tell You”, Freak Out makes for the perfect summer album.

If you like light hearted pop-punk that takes more cues from The Ramones and Screeching Weasel than anything that passes for pop-punk on the radio these days, definitely check Teenage Bottlerocket.  They’ve been a favorite of mine for a long time now.

*Fun Housewives fact:  My first post ever was on Teenage Bottlerocket, back in 2007.

Teenage Bottlerocket – Done With Love

Teenage Bottletrocket – They Came From The Shadows
Teenage Bottlerocket – Another Way
Mean Jeans – Are You Serious
The Lillingtons – Too Late Show

Fat Wreck

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