Aloha Motherfuckers. (A Back From Hawaii Mix)

It’s been a little while since my last post here, and that is because I was escaping the east coast for a bit and checking out that lovely little chain of islands known as Hawaii.  Beautiful place, I tried scuba diving for the first time… aaaand got kicked out of class.  Surfing was also a bit of a bust (I was fine at it, I just found it kind of boring…  Think I’m just beach bum, I’ll stick with skating and snowboarding and my other land sports).

Not much of a punk scene down there from what I can tell, to which my friend reminded me, punk often thrives in shitty places…which needless to say, Hawaii is not. The closest thing I got to any conversation regarding punk music was this:

Random Bro: “What’s Bad Brains?” (regarding my shirt)

Me: “Oh they’re an old hardcore band”.

Random Bro: “Never heard of them.  Hardcore? Dude I bet my music is so much more hardcore than yours” (yes, he actually said this.  Bro hipster?  I smirked and said I bet it is, what do you listen to?)

Random Bro: “You know man, the heavy shit.  Six Feet Under, Atreyu.. the heavy shit.”

Yes. That actually happened.

Aneurysm Rats – Aloha
Screeching Weasel – This Ain’t Hawaii
Fenix TX – Surf Song
Guttermouth – Surf’s Up Asshole

Surf Punk Baby:
Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl
Dry Feet – Philadelphia Beach


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