Teenage Bottlerocket Live In Philly (8/24/12)

This past Friday, I headed out to see one of my all time favorite pop-punk bands around, Teenage Bottlerocket.  It’s a rare occasion for me to be able to see them (in the years I’ve been listening to them this was only going to be my 4th time… due to the fact they are from Wyoming and rarely make it out to the east coast), and I’ve been stoked for months about this Barbary show.

Add the fact that I love their latest release Freak Out, and you’ve got one fucking winning combination.  Unfortunately, I got there really late and was not able to catch any of the openers due to the fact that I get easily distracted by Philly’s soccer team Philadelphia Union.

Regardless, the place had a decent amount of people packed in, and the band finally took the stage with a skull masked man flashing a neon sign reading “Freak Out” and had the TBR logo.  The band blasted straight into Freak Out (which sounds a lot like their song Teen Wolf I just realized), and in a Ramones-like fashion, the band kept the banter to a minimum and blasted through their hour long set as the crowd shouted every word back to them.

Seriously, Teenage Bottlerocket are simply one of the most fun bands to see live and in general.  They played songs off of most of their releases, even including the song “Rebound” which when I requested the past few shows, they told me they hate playing that one.  So fuck yeah.  We were even treated to a little bit of the Lillingtons with the song “Lillington High”, and were instructed to pogo throughout “Bottlerocket” to which we happily obliged.

One of the more hilarious moments of the show is when they were about to close with So Cool but fucked up the intro 3 times and were cracking up about it, so instead just closed with Repeat Offender (another excellent choice).

Seriously, go see them if Teenage Bottlerocket comes around your parts… and fucking travel to see them if they don’t.

Setlist: (some might not be in order, but pretty accurate)
Freak Out
Bigger Than Kiss
Don’t Want To Go
Stupid Games
Fatso Goes Nutzoid
Welcome To The Nuthouse
In The Pit
Cruisin For Chicks
Skate Or Die
On My Own
In The Basement
Lillington High
Bloodbath At Burger King
Go Away
Go Away
Senior Prom?  (I honestly can’t remember if this was played)
Repeat Offender

Teenage Bottlerocket – Be Stag

Teenage Bottlerocket – Freak Out!
Teenage Bottletrocket – They Came From The Shadows
Teenage Bottlerocket – Another Way

Fat Wreck

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