Morning Glory – Poets Were My Heroes (For fans of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, INDK)

It’s been over a decade since New York’s Morning Glory released their debut This Is No Time To Sleep and they have remained pretty quiet as far as new music goes, having only two other releases.  Now Morning Glory returns with the August 28th, 2012 release of their full length Poets Were My Heroes and there are definitely some solid songs on here.

Formed from the ashes of Choking Victim, there have always been traces of the crack rock steady sound that associated acts such as Leftover Crack and INDK have made popular in Morning Glory’s music.  However, on Poets Were My Heroes, the traces are incredibly thin, and the band explores a new, cleaner sound.  One of the most noticeable differences is the slick production giving them a poppier sound more comparable to bandmate’s Star Fucking Hipsters.

Poets also includes a span of new instrumentation including a piano and strings, expanding the gritty straight forward punk tunes we’re used to from Morning Glory.  Sometimes it comes off more as a ballad, such as on Touch or Born to December.  It’s not all slower ballads and experimentation though, with tracks like Divide By and Everything’s A Song (To Me) taking a page out of old style Morning Glory.  Shit, even with the piano on Shelter From The Spoon, I’m willing to say with it’s uplifting melody and it’s shout-along chorus it’s easily one of the most infectious songs on the album.

I have a feeling that Poets Were My Heroes is going to be a bit of a grower for many, and a lot of older fans may feel alienated with the cleaner sound.  However, if you can get past that, you’ll find a decent album with some damn fucking good songs on it.

Morning Glory – Shelter From The Spoon

That Crack Rock Steady Beat Goes On:
Morning Glory
Leftover Crack – Rock The 40 Oz
INDK – Kill Whitey
Star Fucking Hipsters – Never Rest In Peace

Fat Wreck

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