The Misfits – Static Age (For fans of The Ramones, The Adicts, Danzig)

I don’t know if it’s because it’s almost Halloween, or maybe because my Jersey roots force me to… but I’ve been on a serious Misfits kick as of late (I mean, I often am… but now it’s even intensified).  Chances are if you’re a fan of punk, you damn well know who The Misfits are, but for the 2% of readers who might not, The Misfits formed in NJ back in 1977 and pretty much are the gods of the whole B-rated campy horror punk genre.

The album I find myself gravitating towards the most is Static Age, which was technically recorded in 1978, but wasn’t actually released until 1997 (due to the lack of labels interested in releasing it… hindsight’s 20/20 eh?).  Containing 17 classic Misfits horror tunes, the band plays incredibly catchy punk rock while Danzig sounds like a drunken Elvis singing over it.

Clocking in just over forty minutes, Static Age is pretty much a must for any fan of punk rock in general, and has influenced countless bands.

The Misfits – Hybrid Moments

You Got Some Fucking Attitude:
The Misfits – American Pyscho (post Danzig)
Black Flag – The First Four Years
The Adolescents


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