A Halloween Mix For My Punk Homies

Well it’s finally Halloween, although in all honesty I’ve been celebrating all damn week listening to the Misfits (seriously… huge Misfits kick lately, don’t be too surprised if you see even more posts about them in the upcoming weeks).  I dressed up as Bruce Springsteen last night, and if I go out again tonight… fuck it, Bruce again as homage to my original home state which recently got battered by some bitch named Sandy.

Anyways, here’s a Halloween mix for all you punk rockers, so let’s get fucking weird.

Big D And The Kids Table – It’s Raining Zombies On Wall St

Ceremony – Ghosts

Paint It Black – Ghosts
Bones Brigade – Zombie Attack
The Misfits – Halloween
Teenage Bottlerocket – Punk House Of Horror
Groovie Ghoulies – Til Death Do Us Party
Municipal Waste – Unholy Abductor
World Inferno Friendship Society – Pumpkin Time

The Misfits – Static Age
I Went To Costa Rica And Didn’t Get Malaria
I Was Stranded In Long Island (Mix)
Aloha Motherfuckers


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