Limp Wrist – Self Titled LP (For fans of Ceremony, Infest, Punch)

There are some people who can’t bring themselves to listen to queercore, for whatever stupid fucking homophobic reason they may have.  That’s a shame, because those people are missing out on some of the most brutal hardcore around.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Limp Wrist lately, and their Self Titled full length has some of the most fierce music around.  With 18 songs in 14 minutes, Limp Wrist brings fast paced hardcore very reminiscent of Infest or older Ceremony, and just like said bands, Limp Wrist is angry as fuck.  Dealing primarily with themes of homophobia, just like most punk rock, these guys are in your face about it and incredibly fucking unapologetic about it.

Songs like “Smear the Fear” and “Relatives Got Nerve” deal with the topic of homophobia head on, while songs like “This Ain’t No Cross On My Hand” and “Back in The Days” are a scathing critique of the scene of hardcore.

If you can’t get pass the message then that’s your fucking problem, but for me Limp Wrist has become part of my regular rotation, and if you like fast as fuck hardcore, then I highly recommend you do the same.

Limp Wrist – Smear The Fear

American Nightmare – Background Music
Ceremony – Violence Violence
Carry On – A Life Less Plagued

Out of Print, But You Can Find it

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