Oxymoron – West World (For fans of The Casualties, The Unseen, The Virus)

When most people think of street punk bands, the first ones that usually come to mind are The Casualties, The Unseen, and The Exploited.  One band that often gets overlooked here in the states is a German band called Oxymoron, even though all their lyrics are in English.  It’s a shame, because they were one of my staple street punk bands growing up, and their West World EP is one all punk fans should check out.

First off, Oxymoron is actually incredibly accessible as far as street punk bands go.  Let me put it like this, my ex used to hate 99% of punk bands… yet even she singing along to Oxymoron’s “Life’s A Bitch”.  On West World, Oxymoron is able to remain aggressive as fuck while actually being pretty damn catchy.  With 6 songs coming in around 21 minutes, this isn’t your typical street punk 1 minute long blast.  No, Oxymoron has plenty of change-ups in their tunes with multiple bridges and melodic shouts.

Even though West World was released back in 1999, it’s still pretty much unheard of in the states except for some die hard street punk fans, and I recommend everyone pick this one up if you dig punk at all.

Oxymoron – Life’s A Bitch

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Out of Print, but I’m sure you can find it.

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